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  • Ndricues Micmol Solo

    Item No.: SL-20-P Power: 20W Luminous Flux: 2200LM LEDs: 46pcs 0.5W HD 5730 LEDs Weight: 0.26kg Size: 250X45X10mm (Height:200mm) Packing: 265x230x70mm Universal Input Range: AC100-240V, 2.0A SOLO: Suit For Min: 200mm ~ Max: 400mm LEDs Array 18pcs * Deep Red (660nm) CH A 8pcs * Royal Blue (4400nm) CH B 6pcs * White (6500K) CH B 4pcs * Warm White (3500K) CH B 8pcs…

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  • Ndriçues Led 3 Wat per akuarium

    Ndriçues Led 3 Wat e përshtatshme për akuarium me bimë deri ne 10 litra, kurse pa bime deri ne 20litra.

    Sugjerohen keto lloj ndriçuesish per arsye te spektrit të dritës (dritë e ftohte, mbi 6000 kelvin).

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  • Ndriçues Akuariumi Profesional Aqua Air 600

    Amazing line view. The Aqua Air is design as a very special
    visual effect, the lighting seems like a slim line when
    you viewed from the front, it’s very cool and magical.
    The new design and power increased which make the
    Aqua Air suitable for more professional aquarium growing
    and satisfy for the personal hobby, aquarium stores
    and fish, coral grow operators.

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  • Ndriçues Akuariumi Profesional Aqua CC

    3D Glass & Aluminum Design. With a stunning 3D HD glass, really clear and transparent. Re-designed the genius bracket, no more cable at outside, your eyes only see is a light.



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  • Ndriçues Akuariumi Led 15 Wat

    Ndriçues akuariumi 15 Wat i përshtatshëm per akuariume me bime nga 50 deri ne 80 litra

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